Moog, DSI, Elektron, OPZ, another OP1? Help me spend my $$$!!!


The OT is pure magic. I had one a while back but sold it when I got a push 2 in order to fund my OP1. As much as I love the OP1 and ableton w/ push, I’ve regretted the OT loss for the reasons mentioned above. I’m currently saving up for a new OT and a Analog heat to grit it up.


Anybody got an MS20 mini? I’m always intrigued by the standalone modular vibes of it, but can still act like a “complete” synth. That said, I played one in a store a few years back and it felt kind of poorly made. Anyone got one and had any troubles with them breaking? Doesn’t seem to be many horror stories out there, so maybe they’re not bad at all?


I have one, but am currently putting it on the chopping block to fund that OT. Feels kinda cheap but havnt had and issues in the 2-3 years I’ve owned it. The more my Eurorack has developed the less I care to use it.


Analog four + 0-Coast is the craziest combo, I love it !
But I’m no keyboard player…

The OT is pure magic. I had one a while back but sold it when I got a push 2 in order to fund my OP1. As much as I love the OP1 and ableton w/ push, I've regretted the OT loss for the reasons mentioned above. I'm currently saving up for a new OT and a Analog heat to grit it up.

Interesting that you find the OT better than Push +ablets? Or are you saying that it does a different job that you miss, and you still want it to do stuff that push is less good at? I would think push 2 with ablets (i have them) would be good at resampling, but maybe too many options or something? Less “live”? Which is ironic considering it’s namesake…

I’m interested in the Analog heat too, but the price is darn high… What is convincing you to pull the trigger?

The OP did mention the OT as an option, haha.
I still have a morbid curiosity about it though, even though I'm def leaning towards a prophet - they are $1699 new in aus at Awave - can't believe it. They were about $3k last time I checked.

A workmate of mine swears by his OT, and was telling me how you can constantly resample in the background while you're improv'ing, then use the crossfade to loop a section of the recording, mess it up, and then crossfade back to the original.

Sound complicated AF tho!

I just picked up a SP505 to bounce back and forth between it and the OP1 - the OP1's re-sampling is sooooooo much easier. Same with Maschine, I wish it was simple, but it's just a few too many steps, a few too many default parameters you have to set (and cant save you're own default - stupid) so it kills the flow for me.

So maschine resampling is too complicated, and you can’t save your own defaults to make it easier? Like you have to reset it each time you use it or something? I’d read that they just updated maschine to make it way cooler (trying to compete w/ mpc live?), but I guess they didn’t address that issue you mentioned…

What do you love the most about OP-1’s sampling workflow? I can imagine with the SP you could record into it, mangle, then record back into OP-1’s drum sampler or tape for instance. You use midi sync? Or just go for more “offline” re-sampling? Maybe match bpm or something… Sorry for all the questions… Well, not heaps sorry, but I’ll explain! I have been looking at OTs, SPs, and other bits and pieces myself, and am really interested at the mo.


PS. @millbastard, really enjoyed your using the phrase “morbid curiousity”! HAHahahahah… Story of my lief



Maschine isn’t that difficult to resample, but it can just be a flow killer. And yeah, not saving a default for resampling is KILLING me. It’s been a feature request for a long time.

They just did an update which has a kind-of version of clip launching, but seeing as they don’t have real a real-time warp-like feature (i.e. pitch shift without time being changed, or warping things to the same tempo) it just doesn’t cut it. Again, another long-awaited feature.

I still love making beats on maschine, and the drag/drop straight into Ableton makes it easy, but some stuff is just a PITA. Like individual outs is a massive pain. I end up just dragging an entire bounced drum track and then manipulating in Ableton

OP1, I just record to tape/album and then use the ear to bring it back in, so it takes a few seconds to set up, if that! Really easy to boost a low level track by muting all the other tracks, shift+record with the ear on and it resamples over the top of itself. Can get really gritty overdrive sounds that way.
The SP is soooooooo slowwwwwww! I didn’t realise how slow it would be to process things. Not sure If I’ll hold onto it for long. At the moment I’m sampling stuff from the OP, processing using the SP fx (which are nowhere near as good as their magical reputation IMO), then sending it back into the OP onto a blank stretch of tape. Been getting some interesting results, but the SP is real slow. Like, every button you click, it spends a few second processing. Old hardware.
Glad I could wet your whistle with the morbid line too, that’s one of my favs :slight_smile:



Not better, just different. I have no plans on ditching ableton/push.

@anfim hit the nail on the head about the “enslaving tricks” such as cross fader scenes.
If someone knows how to emulate this kinda flow in ableton I would love to know.

Also, I’m at a point where I want to go out and play my material live and don’t wanna use a computer for that. That’s a huge pull for me towards the OT and the AH.

Back when I had the Octatrack before I always had to add a touch of decapatator to really give it the grit I want. At that point (before the AH) I was looking for some out of the box solution but nothing did what I wanted under $1500. Now we have the Analog Heat and its exactly what I wanted with some extra goodies (filters, eq, lfo). I feel it is a reasonable price given all it offers.


@millbastard thanks mate! Haha, yeah. I believe that phrase will become a staple of mine.

Thanks for all the info. Really good to know.

I guess an SP 202 is really gonna be SLoooooooow then… That makes it considerably less appealing. Maybe something like a microgranny would be more useful & appropriate for me… By the way, you’ve given me a new idea for the OP-1… I could potentially record something live (maybe an endless sequence for instance) to a track, then put the ear on, and effectively have 2 effects applying to the recording… Of course, potential issues include 1. some phase 2. problems balancing the direct to track with the stereo bus (ear) signal 3. having to mute any other channels / the click… But still, I don’t think I’d thought to do this… Funny, it seems obvious in hindsight, like I knew that you could have 2 effects stacked by using the master + channel fx, but didn’t think to pipe something straight to tape that way (I had thought to do it to album, but I don’t use album so much yet, although I’m inspired by @docshermsticks and @jonesy_op’s comments here

about advanced bouncing…)… Anyways, the first thing I will try when I get my OP-1 finally repaired is a snare running through nitro with nice long spring on it, then low pass nitro on the master, then gain boost, then ear back to tape, then maybe punching in with the record button to get a gated verb. Thanks for the inspo.



man, sounds like a good plan. I haven’t tried too much resampling on individual tracks with different fx, I’ve only really done it with master fx onto album and then back again - I used that for the lo-fi repeats on my battle 44 entry.

Not sure how slow the 202 would be, as the 505 has heaps more functionality so more things need long loading times. TBH the loading times are only like a couple of seconds, but they can really kill the flowwwwwww

I’ll spend the next little while with the 505 and see if I’m just being a spoilt brat about it


Thanks @millbastard

Yeah, good point, maybe the older ones are quicker!

Chuck up a post if you end up digging the sp :slight_smile:


Thanks @PsychickCV you got me gassin for an AH now :expressionless:


Actually, @PsychickCV just taking a closer look at the analog heat, and it’s actually quite nicely priced… I think I had read early on that peeps were wining about the price, and I guess it stuck in my head.


Hey @millbastard,
Your original post is full of an array of variety. Nothing really specific geared towards a certain sound or era. That means that there are so many options! :slight_smile:
I’ve been checking out some sounds and there are two that have my drool factor at 100% wet.
The first came as a surprise. The OB6 is as PHAT as fcuk. Proper lush sounds on that one. 80’s magic! Just check out this review…
I’m sure it will remain a beautiful classic just as my second option… The MiniMoog Model D.

What a beast this machine is. The Model D is pricier than the OB6 but after my most recent purchase it is obvious why. I don’t have a Model D but I do have a SE-1 by Studio Electronics. It’s three oscillators, frequency cut-off, and tone could communicate with whales from the top of Mt. Fuji. Check out this…

There are some other options that are less pricier. I recommend buying a really good synth and then lining up with pedals and effects. Hours of fun.

What’s your list looking like now?


<span style=“color: rgb(37, 38, 30); font-family: “lucida grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, tahoma, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255); font-size: small;”>Hey @HisMostDarxxxellent, although I like both of those options, here in Australia they are both literally $3000 more expensive than their Prophet 08 and Sub 37 counterparts
<span style=“color: rgb(37, 38, 30); font-family: “lucida grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, tahoma, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255); font-size: small;”>D-:
Which for me is just wayyyyyy too much.

Heavily leaning towards the Prophet 08 at this stage. I have a Nord Lead 2 that I really like, but wish it had more modulation options and aftertouch, both of which the 08 smashes it over. The only thing I might miss with the Nord (as I’d probably have to sell it to afford the 08) is how aggressive I can get it to sound with some of the settings - particularly with mild use of the FM control. But, as a guitarist originally, I really crave the aftertouch vibrato feel as it makes a keyboard feel more alive. I love the aftertouch on my BSII (even though the keybed feels pretty plasticky and a bit flimsy) so hoping to replicate that with a poly. As far as I can see the range of polys with aftertouch is surprisingly small, so the Prophet is right up there at the top. I still have a lot of fun with my Nord, but TBH it was a “poor mans prophet” decision when I bought it, as I couldnt afford the 08 at the time. Now I (just) can.

My budget maxes out around $1800. As a price guide, here in Oz the prices are about this:

Prophet 08 PE: $1699 (prices have just dropped to this from about $3k, second hand units are still being advertised for $2500, poor suckers!)
Sub 37: $1800 new, about $1500 second hand
OT: $1800 new, about $1300 second hand
OP1: I got mine for $800 second hand

The OTHER thought, was to go a little buck-wild the other way, get a second hand MS20 mini ($400), Mother 32 ($700), Tetra ($500), Volca Sample ($150). But then, whenever I buy a few things at once I never learn them, and I’d still be missing the poly aftertouch…

Think I’ll end up with the Prophet. Will have to go try one again.


This seems cheap?


Maybe it’s used, but not clearly labelled


Update on this - I’ve decided to put the money aside for now (!!!) and wait for the MPC Live to come out. Really want to have a look at it to see if it will cover my needs. Been watching all their vids and like how it’s got a lot of Ableton-like features (realtime stretching, clip launching) alongside what looks like a really solid sequencer. I love the idea that you can start an idea on it, using your main CPU, then save it to the hardware and continue working on it away from the CPU. If it’s as easy to transfer them as they make it out in the sonic state vid then I’m all in.

Apparently there’s been some issues with the software, gonna wait to see how well it pans out. Anyone an MPC 2.0 user?


I wonder if the mpc live “abletonish” features will be as rad as they sound. Ie. Warping?