Moog Model 15 and Animoog iOS App Sale

Just in case anyone has missed this. At the moment Moog has a rare and imho worthwhile sale voor their iOS apps. In particular their Model 15 and Animoog apps:

Model 15 $29.99 > $9.99 (€10,99) :
Animoog $29.99 > $9.99 (€10,99):
Filtatron $7.99 > $1.99 (€2,29):

Not sure how long this is going to last.

Good heads up. Got em already but recommended. I gushed over model 15 when I first got it but not sure I’m as in awe of the sound after a few weeks and after using Zeeon. Still impressive for ios tho and great to mess with modular if haven’t before. Easy worth a tenner…i should have waited!

L Same here. Bought Animoog and Filtatron at their high (relative term) price point. However I didn’t shell out for Model 15, so this is great. Not sure how I like modular (it frankly scares me, GAS wise that is). So this is a great alternative. :slight_smile: