Moog Voyager analogue drum kit

I was watching some videos of Moog Sound Lab where they’re using like, six Voyagers from an Octopad or similar as the drum machine. Crazy. However, I thought as it’s six months or so since I did the Inpulse One drum kit - how about a set of drum pads programmed on Moog?

I’m not great at sound design, but can probably spend a bit of time to create maybe, processed/unprocessed variants and do the same recording process as I did before with Audacity. Has it been done already, would it be bringing anything new to the party? If anyone would like to suggest drum sounds to create and set up to build the kit I’ll use that as a launching point. Outboard-wise I have a stereo compressor I can put into the mix (though I’d expect to shape the sounds’ attack/release in the synth), but don’t really see any need for major effects given what the OP-1 offers there.