More recording slots for microGranny?

Alternate title: Adventures in minor synth hacking

Hi, I’m trying out a set of 0A.wav … 9Z.wav dummy files so that I can live record to more than six slots. You could build these with a couple shell commands, or just grab a premade file set:

Sadly, even though the manual indicates that filenames with numbers are reserved for recordings, the system does not appear to actually use 06.wav .. 9Z.wav for recording.

In addition, I tried coping and pasting. But these functions are only setting which file the big buttons point to, without changing the contents of the files.

Another cool thing would have been to press Record, then use the Up, Down arrow buttons to navigate to a target file for live recording, especially since I now have a real 06.WAV file on the microSD card.

For what it’s worth, the normal mode sound navigator tends to skip a lot of these, jumping from 01 to 0A. I keep 0.25s of silence in these files, though I doubt the navigator is checking for silent sounds as it scans. More likely, a bunch of different places in the firmware are hardcoding 0A as the first non-recording sample. Even though the manual indicates that the entire [0-9][0-9A-Z] series would be reserved for recordings.

Sadly, the arrow keys are nonresponsive in this context. In fact, the Record button is also nonresponsive and the big buttons, G/B toggle button, and the power button appear to be the only keys to exiting Select mode.

Any idea how to do more than six distinct WAV recordings at once, other than physically removing the microSD card for backups?

Good news, though! If you add a file like “” to the microSD card, then the microGranny doesn’t appear to mind. It functions normally, and you now have a way to document your lil two-letter files so you remember which one is which!