Motion Animations, Gone?

As far as I can tell, all the stock motion video packs, as well as all the motion functions seem to be gone except for the Guy Sitting in the Seat, and the Walking Gang. The encoders still work – zoom in, out, pan, make the head wobble… But there are no frame selections, no step functions for frames or anything.

Anyone else notice this behavior any know of any fixes? I rarely use it, but I was just getting into learning a bit more about it and so I was about to play with it when I noticed things were not as the ought be.

I thought that this was happening also with me (indeed created another topic - I was a little confused with the new forum format and thought that I read this in other place). However, they are in the same place as always!

Example: in the Decotora EP1 (“Guy Sitting in the Seat”) you select the other scenes with the black keys - where you´ll find the truck, the dancing guy with the tape record, the control panel, etc

my control over the animation is gone, I see the guy in his car and he occasionally bounces to the beat but i cant select scenes anymore w. the black keys.

I did a factory reset and it seemed to bring back the missing functions. I couldn’t access anything other than Guy in Chair, and Walking Gang, none of the black keys changed scenes, and none of the white keys changed the frames!

Same here! I upgraded to the new firmware recently (not sure if this was the cause though). Motion and photo sequencing stopped working yesterday. The waveform for the tape machine was not visible anymore also. A factory reset solved the issue.

I was afraid of the factory reset, already started to get some decent stuff together.

what is saved in the backup files? will it save all my projects?

4 years later lol. I just got the Op-z and the animations for punch in effects and motion is gone. A factory reset solves the problem but as soon as I clear a preset and make new patterns somehow the animations disappear…
Is this a known bug even in 2023?