Move a whole tone during sequence

I’m wondering if its possible to set the OP-z up to have a single trig move a whole tone up during a sequence. I’ve found that tonality - 6 moves the trig note half a step up but I’m looking for it to move a full step. i.e A -> B. Is this possible in anyway?

You can copy a step or edit a step. See 3.4 in the manual.

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To clear things up:
Are you looking for a step component to do that or do you just want to edit the note in your pattern permamently?

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Hey thanks for taking the time to reply.

As an example, 16 steps on the lead, All A’s. Then on the next 16 steps I’d like the first note to be a B, but the remainder A’s. Ideally on the second pass there would be a way to jump the first step up a whole tone to a B. Rather than creating a new pattern for the sake of one note change

Ah ok…now I understand it a little bit more.

When you want it all in one pattern you have to extend the track step length and then I would use the ‚ramp’ step component on the notes that you would play as a ‚B‘.

Another way is to copy the ‚A‘ pattern to a new one and edit the steps to be ‚B‘ and then chain the two patterns together the way you want. Or maybe use the step components for the ‚B‘s.

I think it’s not possible to copy more than one step at a time in one pattern.
And with the extended track length it would be tricky with the step components. So maybe the second way is the one and only?

Maybe this helps a little bit…

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With the Ramp up step component I believe it moves the notes up octaves rather than up on a scale.I think I will just probably have to use pattern chaining. But thank you!

Hey again and thanks for the thorough explanation!

I must admit that your described scenario is a bit tricky to achieve and getting the desired result might in this case seem much more complicated than the usual OP-workflow would be :sweat_smile: If someone reads this and has a better idea, please contribute.

There is a helpful step component that can be used for this called ‘tonality’ which offers to modify the note of the step by a harmonic interval you can choose (octave, fifth, third, cromatic up and down). Unfortunately, the interval you asked for (a second/full tone from A → B) seems not to be part of the offered options.

Since @marnor had another good idea, using the step component ‘ramp’, I tried this out, too. Unfortunately, ramp also uses bigger intervals as we need them. You can choose the number of steps used to travel through an octave, but the smallest steps are still too big for our scenario (A → B).

Since these were the options that don’t work, let’s get to the solutions:


Solution #1: Using the Master Track

  • Switch to the M track and program in 16 steps. First note as a B, the rest of the notes as A.
  • Now switch to your lead and program in 16 notes as A.

When you press play, the master track will by default influence all other tracks and force your lead to play an B as first note in the bar. Time for some magic:

  • Add the ‘tonality’ step component to the first step of the lead bar and choose the parameter 0 (which is ‘ignore chord progression’)
  • To the same step, add another step component called ‘component spark’ (spark icon pointing to the right) with the parameter 1. This will make your note ignore the master track for the first bar, but then follow when the second bar is played.

Solution #2: Using the Step Length Multiplier
When using the step length multiplier, the 16 steps will be spread over 2 bars and you can program your first bar (steps 1-8) full of A-notes and your second bar (steps 9-16) beginning with the B-notes and fill up the rest with A-notes. Using the same tempo, there will be two notes grouped together to one step, so programming isn’t that simple anymore. I recommend using live record and quantize.


Sorry, I posted a bit too late. Chaining patterns should be your last resort. The downside of chained patterns is the higher maintenance when you decide to change sounds afterwards, since you then have to copy your settings over, etc. I’m not sure if things have changed via the latest firmware updates. Please see my previous post for alternatives and let me know if you need further help.

Good luck and have fun exploring this great machine!

That’s cleared everything up! Thanks again for the detailed responses :slight_smile:

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