Move curser to out loop point?

It seems like region lift is the only way to cut up a take using the loop in and out points, which seems extremely restrictive and a bit ridiculous. Pressing stop takes you to the loop in point. There MUST be a way to move to the loop out point too, otherwise creating loops from samples seems pretty much impossible. Seems like the op1 really falters when it comes to looping, what with all those FUCKING CLICKS and the inability to move to defined points on the tape. It’s making me want drop an atom bomb on my op1 in a field, I’m going insane trying to loop samples with the thing. Any work arounds? Is there a way to do it that I’m just missing? The op1 is the only piece of electronic music equipment that i own, don’t even use a DAW, so help please.

I’m assuming that you don’t want to use beat markers? Otherwise Shift+left or right arrow key will jump to the next marker on the tape.

In order to position right at the end of a loop that does not start on a marker you could play the loop and while it’s playing hit Shift+right arrow. This will move the loop markers to the right by one times its length. Now the in point is where the out used to be so you can use the stop key to position the tape exactly there.

Maybe there’s an easier way to do this but that’s the only one I know if you’re not using tape markers.

Yup I meant without using the markers, but that’s such a great tip!!! Thanks a bunch!! Still seems silly to me that there isn’t shift stop or something to automatically move to the out point of a loop, but at least I can get the job done now :slight_smile:

try stop + right to jump to the end of a tape segment

stop + left jumps you to 0:00:00

You’re still getting clicks? I haven’t heard any since I updated…

And yeah, tape navigation takes a bit to get used to, just like a real tape. Which is both good and bad.

Still get clicks when punch in and out.

Have you tried shift & green (on tape)?
Move start to end point ,then select ?