Moving multiple samples to OPZ quickly

What’s the quickest way to batch copy samples to the OPZ? I’ve watched a few videos where people are moving .aiff files to each folder one at a time which seems like a really work-intensive way of doing it.

Because of the limited number of samples the OP1 can hold I am constantly moving samples in and out but it’s relatively easy on the OP1 as you just drag all the samples you want to move into a single folder on the OP1. Easy. But it doesn’t seem as easy on the OPZ.

Any tips? Cheers

If you use a pc you can use the op1 drum utility (free software) and drag and drop samples onto the key you want

Thanks for your reply but my question is about moving kits to the OPZ rather than individual samples.

In the OP1 you can drag 30 or so kits over to the ‘drum’ folder and load them all at once. Nice and quick and easy,

Whereas in the OPZ it looks like you’ve got to add each kit to a separate folder which just seems really cumbersome, unless I’m missing something really obvious.