MPC Live 2.8 Midi USB Host / Sync

I’m sure any MPC X / Live users here will have worked this out but with the recent 2.8 MPC firmware update the MPC now sends midi over usb. Was pretty stoked to work out I could now control the OP1 direct from the MPC without a computer or other host in between. The MPC transport controls sync to the OP1’s tape transport and of course you can play the synths/drums making use of the mpc’s pads & sequencers.

Certainly got me excited…

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did you already try the midi LFO with automation lanes? :upside_down_face:

When using the Mpc to control transport on the Op-1, can you record the Op-1 to the Mpc audio tracks in sync? Thanks!

You certainly can.

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The Dream team.

Thank you.