Multiple song without a computer workflow

Hi all!

I soon will be travelling for a while with the op-1 but with unregular access to a computer and I thought that I’d be able to store a multiple sketches to the album in order to keep the tape workable.

Is there any way to record on an existing album without overwriting what’s on it? I don’t mean overdubbing, but let’s say, recording a 2 minutes song on it and then adding another one after these 2 minutes at another time? From my understanding, it seems to be re-recording from start everytime, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to “punch in” to overwrite at a later point?

I understand that I could have a couple of sketches at different point of the tape by limiting myself to a more live approach of looping/muting/etc., but I tend to work more on a linear way, and I feel it would still limit me to basically capture only two “live” take on the A/B side.

Did I miss anything regarding bouncing down to album?
Anybody has a good workflow/experience to share on trying to do this?

Thanks for any clues :smiley:

Get a cheap Android device and an OTG cable and you can archive your tape / album / etc.

(Sorry didn’t answer your query, there is no way to punch in. What you could do is record to side a, record to side b, bounce both parts to tape then bounce back to a single side. But that is a bit involved imho)

Yep archive to android phone/tablet is probably the most practical solution. I was an iPhone fanboy for years but finally switched with an HTC M8. Never going back to an apple phone unless they open up the file directory and stop making things so damn long-winded with any kind of file stuff. Being able to run Kodi (movies etc), download any samples/software I want on the go and juggle files around on memory cards etc has become something I’d struggle to be without now… Ios still kills Android for music making apps but thats what Ipads are for :wink:

Just came across someone recommending this in the Tips n Tricks thread -

Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2

Sorry not to be able to help with any suggestions that don’t involve saving externally. Agreed, it would be good to be able to punch in/out on Album recordings.

Kingston user here, but easier with an Android phone because you can store and edit files on the device so much easier. I use both this and the OTG cable.

Great info! So would any android tablet do the job?

Even an android phone? I have an old one lying around and just ordered an OTG adapter.

Depends on the OS I think.

Cool, which OS are you using?

I am on 4.2.2 so any later than that and you’re ok. Earlier than that? Dunno.

Thanks for the OTG tip, did not know about that! I had considered the Kingston solution, but it seemed a bit convoluted, it’s way easier to get my hand on an old Android.

No way to do it with an iphone ? I was wondering buying one after years of non apple owner.
The SE with the 4 inches mixed to the power of the phone seems to be so great ! I think there’s no equivalent on android side :frowning:

I use the Kingston with my iPad. You are limited to renaming or moving files on the on board sd card or moving to Dropbox but it feels awkward on iOS.

@quarantequatre I use the Kingston with both my iPhone and iPad, and though I can’t speak to the comparison with Android, I find the workflow super easy and convenient, especially when using Kingston’s app. Certainly not a reason to forgo getting an iPhone, if that’s your choice.

RavPower File hub works nice for me.
Battery backup supply.Move stuff to SD.
Stream through phone for monitoring.
iOS or android.

RavPower File hub works nice for me. Battery backup supply.Move stuff to SD. Stream through phone for monitoring. iOS or android.

I’m always confused with this. Does it require wifi internet access or can you transfer, rename, stream files just about anywhere?


Ok seems like it doesn’t require wifi Internet to function. I was confused with the wireless bit as the device is a wifi hotspot itself. Ordered a Kingston G3 :slight_smile:

No internet. Just the app requires WiFi streaming between mobile and power pack/file hub. USB from OP1 to hub.

Oh jus read your 2nd post.You know already :slight_smile:

You could also get some “field recording” gear such as the ones presented on this thread.

Cool thing is you could also record some new atmospheres while away, and even use such sound within the OP-1 !