Multitrack (DAW) for iPad

Looking for suggestions or opinions on the best Multitrack (DAW-like) App for iPad.

This app has to work with the likes of Samplr, Korg Gadget, Patterning, Moog etc etc to be able to copy/paste/import/record into the multitrack where i can re-assemble, mixdown etc.

Basically looking for somthing to keep me music-making when on the go.
Yes, I’d LOVE to take the OP-1 away with me everywhere but it’s just more tech, more weight.

Looking at Auria (currently 50% off at £18.99) or Cubasis (£39.99 ouch!).

In the past I’ve tried to use Beatmaker2 but never really gelled with it.
Nanostudio too but that’s old hat and didnt gel either.

Any other suggestions?

In studio I use Ableton Live so anything that could output usable files for that would be awesome!
Just with Korg’s Gadget would allow for recording in extra tracks from external sources!

I know Cubasis is pricey, but Steinberg’s big update addressed a lot issues and is fairly rock solid atm. Cubasis is my master clock that slaves Live 9, my Beat step Pro, eurorack system, with the op-1 in the chain.

Some apps work better with it than others, but Samplr jives with Cubasis all right. You can copy/paste/import/record/ and export from it as well. It’s also got a Dropbox and Soundcloud sharing, along with URL and Bluetooth pairing.

I’ve recently come to the same conclusion: I need an iPad DAW. Read somewhere that Cubasis plays better with MIDI stuff than Auria. @Kites, have you tried Auria as well? With Cubasis, can you just record internally a synth and have everything in sync, or do you have to nudge the recordings so that they are in sync? Dealing with latency problems really kills my creativity.

Cubasis goes on sale a couple of times per year, you can sign up for a discount alert here:

btw. Appshopper is a handy site, I track discounts there on all audio apps that I want but don’t need. =)

@vehka lve been using it for over a year now, it’s had its ups and downs in terms of general reliability. Lots of users ( including me ) have complained on the Steinberg boards about it not working well with other apps. But minus the usual work arounds w/ interapp and audio bus, I feel likes it’s been a lot more stable in this current version. Big improvement.

MIDI is still a long work in progress in iOS land and it must be a tiresome and an endless endeavor for iOS devs - I wonder if anything has changed in iOS 9. Anyone update?

I looked into Auria before I got Cubais too, but at the time it seemed limited and I still don’t think there’s any MIDI capabilities according to recent App Store reviews. I’m not a fan of the way the UI looks as well, I think it looks dated Imo. Some of it reminds of old windows 98 software and Reason, but Auria’s audio processing looks way more elaborate and pro. :o Cubasis isn’t flawless, but I feel like I can take It more seriously.

With my current setup right now, everything syncs fairly well. I’m using two iConnectaudio4+s with Cubais as the master clock, live 9 as the slave, which syncs my BSP, along with other gear. I’ll track with iOS synths / drum machines / effects and the onboard synths in Cubasis too, sometimes I’ll have to nudge and splice up some tracks and sometimes I don’t. For me, it depends on how my iPad is feeling really, I’m really pushing it I think. It’s an 1st gen Air with only 32gb. But I’ve never had perfect sync with my gear in the past, so I think the iconnect devices really help bring things together. Still not perfect for me, but a lot better. So I think that’ll depends on your hardware?

What main apps do you think you may use with it?

Thanks for the link, wish I knew about it before =0

Auria has a lot of thirdparty plugins, Fabfilter, PSP, Sugarbytes etc. And the new version with midi is about to go beta.

I actually like the look, but thats personal. But to be able to use the Fabfilter plugins on an iPad is my favorite thing on the audio-side of my iPad by far. They were made with a touch interface in mind it almost seems.

Apps I’ll be using and recording into or grabbing loops from will be

- Borderlands Granular
- Samplr
- Korg Gadget
- Animoog

So would be good to know if these apps will save/import into the DAW-like app.

Thanks for the info guys, Anyone any more info on these apps?

Yeah, Borderlands, Samplr and Gadget are on my list too. And Loopy & Elastic Drums.

@vehka @Kites @154 do Cubasis or Auria do sidechaining - whether it’s an option or can be achieved via a plugin into app?

Auria is great if you are just using the loops from the OP-1 and arranging your song that way with it. The next version will have MIDI editing and it should be a full DAW.

You can do the same with Cubasis, but it currently has MIDI and everything included.

I use Cubasis for composing and Auria for final arranging of waves. I also use Auria for cutting up my OP-1 tracks, after converting them in Audio Share first. Super easy to set the BPM of the tracks and slice them up. I find myself switching between Ableton and Auria for final arrangements depending on my mood and song requirments.

Also Auria (requires mastering know how) and the Audio Mastering app (can do complex mastering, but can also be used by people new to mastering) are pretty good at mastering your song.

I’m not that fussed with midi at the moment as this will be an on-the-road program when ive just got my ipad with me.

do they both do sidechaining then?

I think I’m leaning more towards Auria now as read good things about the sound quality and FX etc

I am almost positive you have to purchase one of the plugins to do the advance compression with side-chaining for Auria. I will check later for you if someone else doesn’t chime in first.

I haven’t looked for it on Cubasis yet as I don’t use it much.


Just checked Auria and you would need Fab Filter Pro-C plugin to do side chaining. I couldn’t find anything in Cubasis to do the side chaining. Now keep in mind I just did a quick look, so I may have missed something.

Cheers @Telengard I’ll see if I can find info online. Have some tutorials/run-throughs for both apps bookmarked on YouTube so going to get them watched to help my decision on which to buy.

Aufx push does sidechaining, low or hi, should work with both Auria and Cubasis. Auria has the benefit of a lot of exclusive third party plugins, and indeed fabfilter has sidechaining functionality.

Watched some Cubasis and Auria tutorials on youtube last night and decided to purchase Auria.

Seems pretty decent, does everything I need a DAW-like mobile program to do.
May buy a couple of the plugins for effects but won’t go daft with mastering stuff because I’ve got Ableton Live for that later on in the game.

Think I’ll get Pro-C for the sidechaining and maybe Timeless for some delay fun.

Isn’t Pro C 2 coming to Auria sometime soon? Might be in Auria Pro, which will prob take a while before it comes out…