Musical Christmas Gifts for kids?

Any interesting music-y ideas for a toddler to mess about with… that may be ahem borrowed by Dad (aka me). I was thinking any easy to use samplers about?

My 4yr old daughter loves messing with my Volca Sample. It doesn’t actually sample tho, which my daughter loves to do on my Op1… But I guess you could fill the Volca sample with a bunch of stuff your kid would find funny etc? Or you could maybe score something like a used casio sk1/sk5/sk8 on eBay for cheap?

All depends on your budget I guess. I’d LOVE to get my kids an Op1 each…

I had offered an electric piano I had found second hand to my son.

He was really interested in playing on HIS piano.

Then we got a real piano. He’s fond of it, of course.
But still misses his old electric one…

I’d say have a look at second hand old stuff, you might find some ridiculously cheap instruments there.

She loves the op1, especially recording her voice then sticking cwo on it and needing about! She also finds the finger sequencer hilarious!

Tempted with the akai mpx if I could get it cheaply for her…

This might stay cheapish? Not familiar with it but apparently it samples. And has the built in speaker which I don’t think the Akai has, dunno if that’s something youd like it to have?

Look at this on eBay

Edit - but yeah, the Akai would be pretty amazing bit of kit for a kid if you end up grabbing one :slight_smile:

novation circuit

Circuit would be great. Don’t think the Mrs would reckon that was for our kids though haha!

Make Noise Shared System Gold?

But seriously Volca sample or keys maybe or the POs if they aren’t too delicate. Monotribe if you can find one would be top notch though…

My kids (5 and 8) have connected most with my monotribe and a crappy cheap ukelele.

(The POs didn’t go down so well, not at all intuitive)

would advise against the mpx. it is a piece of hot garbage.

any of the volcas seem like they would be great for kids. intuitive, simple and most important fun

sp202, or micro granny would be fun samplers too. su10, qy70.

I missed the sampler specific bit but come on guys, any of the SP family would win hands down.
I’ve got the 2,3, and 4 and have had success placating annoying little cousins jacked up on fizzy pop and pick’n mix just by plugging in headphones and using the mic through fx to mess their little ears and minds up!
You want LSD horror show, no probs, listen to grandad talking through a tight delay…

How about a Bastl Kastle? A nice introduction to noise making?

Keep the suggestions coming, loving them!

Btw what’s up with the mpx’s @docshermsticks

++ micro granny - battery powered, headphone socket for stand alone, built in (lofi) sampling, great fun

  1. Monotribe for sure. My currently 3.5 yr old girl start playing with it 2 yr’s ago. Now she knows how to s/h.
    2. Korg TinyPiano.


it coulda been the new mans S20 but its terrible!
so many things wrong w/ it.

i read all the bad reviews about it and bought one anyway thinking i might have better luck.
but everything they say is true, even w/ updating the firmware to the latest os.

it wouldn’t be so bad if they fixed the buggy stuff but i doubt that will ever happen.
it would be a great unit if they had used a better sounding DAC, and added battery power too.

if your gunna get the MPX, just get the MPC500 instead. its way better.

Cool - i was watching the small one on ebay for £30. But ended up going much higher than I was prepared to pay for a toy for the wee one.

KaOscillator !!
Original is so simple and fun.No menu,jus 4 buttons and dial.
KO 2 has built in mic for adding voice.Plus SD card- but can over complicate stuff.Batteries don’t last as long (2 as opposed to 4 AAs).Built in speaker isn’t very good.