Musicradar review: OP-1 vs OP-1 Field

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That was a fun read, and pretty fair to both of the devices

A few of the facts are wrong (clearly some confusion between RAM and internal storage)… but overall it’s hard not to agree with the conclusions. The OP-1 F definitely is a solid iteration over the OP-1… however the price tag is certainly hard to justify to most people.

Personally I feel like the biggest ‘miss’ is in the space of external storage, I’ll hold out hope for a USB-C drive update similar to the TX-6. I can dream right? :smiley:


TE has hinted they’re going to produce a USB-C drive similar to the release pics of the TX-6 when the newest update came out for it; I’m sure they wouldn’t release their own specific USB-C drive if it would only be useful with an extremely polarizing product of theirs.

No, they would totally never do that :wink:


I wonder what it’s onboard synth will be like.