Mute groups controller other midi machines

I was looking at the OP-Z midi specs and it says that there are CC’s for “mute”, “audio mute” and “mute groups”, but after looking at all the midi coming out of the OP-Z in the MIDI Sniffer app, I don’t see any CC’s going out for any of those.

Actually just realized that those are listed in the “incoming midi table” oops.

Anyways, just thinking outloud here… I’d love to be able to use the OP-Z’s mute group functionality with other gear in my MIDI chain that isn’t necessarily being sequenced by the Z. Specifically I’m using a Model:Cycles at the moment and usually sequence the drums on the cycles itself, but it would be cool if the mute groups would also mute the corresponding cycles tracks.

oh well… probably not possible. i don’t know… anyone using the OP-Z like this?

Mute group works only with midi sequenced by the opz. Information that are sequenced on the 16 tracks, and mostly midi signal that are assigned on the machine. For example I discovered that you can’t record midi information on the sequencer that are not assigned to opz features, examples cc between 102 to 122, but you can use them live.