My Award

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the community for this award. Without you, the community, such awards could never have been possible. Emotion levels are high and I doubt I’ll be able to sleep for a week after this. I do have a suspicion that TE might have rigged it so that I buy on OP-1, though.

Either way, I have this award now, it’s all mine, so don’t forget to address me with the correct title from now on, and don’t start getting witty, calling me ‘Sir Smooth’ and stuff like that :grin:


It’s a fix. I never got ‘New User of the Month’ and my first month on here was bitchin’. Still, enjoy it while you’ve got it. There’ll be a whole new generation next month to steal that paper crown.

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That’s what I though, rigged, hah, didn’t work though :wink:

Actually I decided against buying one in the end (regrettably), but it’s not like I’ve fallen out of love with the thing, I still desperately want one and will keep an eye out for any potential update regardless of how major or minor, just in case it tips the scales in its favour for me.

I’d love an OP-1, just can’t afford it. I get a lot out of the Z though.

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If it’s any consolation, I can barely afford it either. If I were to buy it right now I’d be skinning myself, so for me it’s doable but painful. Put it this way, it would take my wallet a good four years to recover if I bought it, which in turn reveals how long it takes me to save £1200.

I started looking into the OP-Z a bit more the other day after haslo mentioned it. Was going surprisingly well until I discovered it doesn’t resample. Reading here seems to confirm that it’s a much requested feature though, so I really hope all you Z users out there get your much desired resampling.

There’s obviously something very addictive about the Z, based on the amount of people uploading tracks done on it. Definitely intend to listen to a lot of those but for me personally it’s out of the question without resampling, so I’m definitely of the same opinion as others in regards the desire for that feature.

It’s half the price of the OP-1 as well, which makes the lack of resampling a double-bummer.

Yeah, that’s absolutely not a thing it does. I don’t think it’d fit the workflow though, the OP-Z is really a sequencer at its heart. The fact that samples work in the first place is awesome, was a great and very welcome surprise when it was introduced.

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You know what’s funny, I was watching a Photomatic video today on TE’s YouTube channel, so the video was nothing to do with sampling, but guess what the first comment on the video I saw was? :smile:


So it’s clearly a pressing issue for some, and I have no idea whether it’s a sign from the TE Gods, but TE ‘Liked’ the post and the post itself got ten likes, so you never know dude, it might be coming!