My biggest grief

My biggest grief concerning the PO:s are that 60 bpm is not low enough. 1 bpm would’ve been a fine lowest limit in my humble opinion. Happy Monday

Hey @Ullba, I haven’t tried it already, but can’t you trick a PO with the help of the sync incoming signal ?

interesting idea!!! hold on

yeah, it went as slow as the volca keys did. thanks for a good tip, @lyingdalai !

O’boy i also wish we could go lower than 60 bpm. one pattern is never enough and i always end up chaining multiple.

You may get some strange and sometimes interesting results when stopping the sequencer, depending on which step the PO down the chain was and the applied effect. It seems like only the master PO really knows that the sequencer has stopped, for the others it is like the BPM dropped to zero!

sounds interesting too!! will listen for it

Aha glad it helped you @Ullbasunen :slight_smile:

@punji indeed it does. that’s pretty cool! but i can imagine there being situations when its not too ^