My cat murdered my OP-1: US Repair Shop?

Hi all!

Last week my cat knocked my OP-1 to the floor, and it no longer works. Impossible for me to diagnose exactly–the screen goes red and none of the buttons works.

I emailed TE and the got back to me after several days, and the shop they recommend is in Germany. I have nothing against Germany, but the cost of shipping there and back will be prohibitive…I have seen people mention but not name repair shops in the US, and wonder if anyone can help? My OP-1 is from 2011 so far out of warranty, but I can’t afford one of the new ones so I’m hoping for a more economical option.


There used to be a repair location in the US, somebody may confirm that.

I would open it up and reconnect everything and check for any dislodged components…

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i could be wrong but i thought it was in georgia

the guides on should help u disassemble it if u go that route


I would open it. See if anything is loose. Reseat everything. See how that works.

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Thanks, everyone!

I have a friend who can probably help me dissect it. Cross your fingers for me!

Will do so!

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