My Computer Software doesnt recognize Snapshot or any files(Aif)

Bear with me as its all new to me

I just bought an OP-1 which is fantastic. But today i thought id connect to my Windows Pc opening the sdisk file and then saving a sample to desktop. Then with Mixcraft 7 (which says it supports AIFF files. All i get is unsupported format message. No luck there. So am i missing something. I renamed it to an aif and an AIFF file no luck. . I tried an Aiff to MP3 converter online but it still just says OP-1 patch in a mans voice (hmmm). This has me very confused. Any help very much appreciated.

I have just ried USER file and VLC plays the sounds but still cant import. with the Snapshot files all i get is Op-1 patch message. Very strange.

Okay seems Audacity can convert to Mp3 and i can import to my daw. But why cant snapshots be played?? They are Aif files and all i get is this op.-1 patch voice where there should be a saved sound. The user file sounds play though.

In the case of synth snapshot files, the AIFF is really just a container around the synth, lfo, effect, envelope parameters. It’s not really audio data. However, they did put some audio data into the snapshot files - like you say, it’s a man’s voice saying “Op-1 patch”. I guess this is so that if you preview the file on the computer, you can distinguish it from a file that is supposed to contain audio data.

I agree with yoof Btw what do you wanna do with a snapshot file? it’s either a synth patch or a sample of 6 or 12 seconds. I cannot see any use for that in ableton live. Only the audio of the 4 tracks are meant to use in a DAW, correct me if I’m wrong ; )

Thanks guys. I am going through the manual and it didnt really explain snapshot saving on a pc. I agree mixrasta they arent of much use except on the Op-1 but not being able to import into Mixcraft 7 really annoyed me as it says it supports aiff files. Well it doesnt. So now i have to convert to a wav or mpg 3 in Audacity which slows the workflow down. I may have to invest in another Daw that recognizes the op files. Any suggestions Pc users?

Audacity can convert the Op-1 files to AIFF (apple) 16 bit files. Now this is strange i can import this into Mixcraft 7. Why not the OP file?

My guess is that Mixcraft doesn’t handle the APPL chunk in the Op-1 AIFF very well. This is where TE have encoded all the patch parameters. Possibly, when Audacity converted to AIFF, that chunk got lost and so Mixcraft was able to read the file. Just guessing though.