My dream OP-1 feature: shift+number to jump to tape location

I have loved the OP1 for a decade, and bought in beta. The one thing I would truly love for live performance and interactive play is this: to be able to jump to a different part of the tape, seconds or minutes away from the current loop, with a single key press. If that was possible, you could do arrangements so beautifully. You could leap from one mood, or set of timbres, to another. You could have verses and choruses. It would be a dream come true. The key combo of + in tape mode is currently unassigned. Ideally the jumps could be quantised to the click points on the tape track. Anyway, I felt the need to get that off my chest, apologies if it’s empty wishful thinking. And would love to hear if anyone has concocted a workaround for this. If it’s hidden in the manual and I’ve missed it for ten years I will lol. (I know you can do shift and arrow, and hit the arrows many times… but I want shift+number to go easily to multiple specific locations!).


like you mention, during playback you can move the loop region by pressing shift and tapping arrows, so you can kinda move to a new place in the Tape pretty easily, with a couple clicks.

if you line up the tracks correctly, and are feeling frisky, you can even move several bars up the Tape and then set new Loop points during playback, say to make the new section a shorter or longer loop, or loop a section that has a different tempo.

sometimes a little post it note with the number of clicks to move loops while you are recording or playing live is a useful little thing to have.

I need this feature too. It can also be used like sample chopping.

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Love this suggestion, and it sounds fairly easy to implement too

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This is a great idea!! Would be a really useful feature. Shift+ Drop could mark locations

I also thought about this quite a few times. But since shift+numbers is already taken I would suggest TAPE + numbers.
Hold the combo to set a new marker. Quickly press it to get to that marker.


Am I hearing this right?

Tape+Shift+Number (1-8)
Set’s tape markers

Tape+Number (1-8)
Jumps to those markers

Because if I am, that would actually be pretty cool!


I’d say shift is not even necessary…you could just hold TAPE + NUMBER for a longer time to set the marker, whereas a quick press brings you to that marker.


Oooo good call

And Shift + Tape + Record = Undo

Delighted to see a new sudden wave of support for this idea!

I emailed it to TE a while ago and they said they would pass it to the developer team to take a look, so perhaps it will get picked up (and ideally on OG OP1)… who knows, I really hope so.

Never undo! Not on the OP1!

Lol keep dreaming!

If jumping to a particular location would also instantly use the current segment for loop points (simulating pressing button 3), this would be extremely useful. If not, it would be kind of hard to operate live.

I agree, this would make a big difference. I don’t think it’s terrible the way it is—I tend to make around 2-4 minute songs on the instrument and I find it fairly easy to move around in the track—but it’d no doubt be nicer to be able to jump to sections.

With regard to no undo, I love it. I am entirely new to the OP-1 concept, picked up a Field a few weeks ago. The amount of times I screwed something up and there was no way back is kinda amazing, and every time it put that smile on my face going: oh well, that’s what happens when you screw something up. Slow TF down. :slight_smile: