My first OP-1 track


Just recently signed up to this forum, hope it’s OK to just wade in and post a track! Got an OP-1 a couple of weeks ago, and although I’ve put together a few nice little loops with it during that time, this is the first track I’ve actually exported off the OP-1 and turned into a ‘proper’ track in a DAW.

All the sounds were produced by the OP-1, except the reverb effect and EQ, which were added in Reaper. The song was rather unstructured on the OP-1: several different loops but with no proper seques between them, so I cut them up and re-arranged them in Reaper, added reverb, mixed a bit, and added EQ and panning to try and get the mix a bit less muddy.

I’m very interested in hearing critique, especially about the mixing and mastering, which I don’t have much experience with, and tbh struggle with. I’ve listened to it (and parts of it) so many times, I feel like I’ve lost all objectivity. After a re-listening after a few hours’ break on a different device, it was clear I had made the bass W.A.Y. T.O.O. L.O.U.D. so I remixed. Don’t know why I just couldn’t tell before.

Please, let me know what you think!

Nice track! Well done compadre

Sounds great.
Yes listening to things close up can become a problem. Listening on another device is a great idea, especially on a play list with other stuff (when mixing). Getting away from left brain thinking into more subconscious patterns. I found playing a computer game helped me make decisions sometimes.
Its a good working method though, what you are doing, using DAW to finish and mix.