My first PO-20 track

Hi all,

I just wanna share this with you. My first track made in PO-20 “Arcade” :slight_smile:

Pocket Arcade by Milestorm | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Wow, if that’s your first try… I totally love it, one of the best PO-20 tracks I’ve heard so far…

@po1 Thanks, yes its the first one. Before there were only 1patterns tests :slight_smile:

Very cool! It sounds like there are multiple PO-20 tracks, am I right?

@Eti: Actually not :slight_smile: Only patterns changes. Its recorded in one piece to computer, and then saved. No layering of tracks there :slight_smile:

Very good!

I see, it is probably because some sounds are not locked (in term of pitch) to the chord progression, I forgot about this possibility. You made a great use of this feature with the arpeggiated phrases!