My idea is to create a compact aluminum Apple-Style keyboard synthesizer with an analog block

Hi, we haven’t talked for a long time, but nevertheless I have new ideas of what can be implemented. I understand that your company is engaged in photographic equipment, but I got, even wrongly, the idea of creating a digital-analog music synthesizer. In general, I want to create a device that will change the mind about creating music, with intuitive interface logic, with very pleasant controls and at the same time so that it is compact like a 15-inch laptop and can be thrown into a backpack and taken on a plane to another country.
I like compact synthesizers of the past, KORG POLY 800 for example. So I want to make a compact synthesizer with a pressure-sensitive keyboard, 2 -2.5 octaves of keys, an aluminum case, built-in speakers and a battery of about 10 thousand mAh and also a large touchscreen display. touch panel and screen for visualization of audio effects. it looks like an oscilloscope. And so that it was all on comfortable rubberized legs and in an aluminum case made with precision CNC. So the idea is to combine a digital sampler, an analog unit, a microphone unit, a modulation unit, take some ideas from Clavia Nord Stage/Lead/Wave and also make an advanced sequencer with a graphical intuitive interface. So that you can make loops of sounds, clamp some notes, modulate the sound of notes using a joystick, touchpad or air pressure sensor to simulate wind instruments. Embed high-quality piano sound From Bechstein, Stainway, Stradivarius violins, flute, saxophone, wind instruments, bells, as well as samples of various natural phenomena such as rain, thunderstorms or waterfalls. and the ability to manage all this both as a separate device with its own speakers and batteries and as a midi controller for a MacBook in Ableton Live and FL Studio.

My idea is to create a compact aluminum Apple-Style synthesizer with an analog block

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My idea is to create a compact synthesizer with an analog block, ROM, ESS SABRE32 Ultra and SABRE Premier DACs audio codecs. For example, a compact aluminum housing with a touch screen and a 10 thousand mAh battery. With spectrum sound visualization mode and oscilloscope. With a pressure-sensitive keyboard.
If you offer me a job, I still have a lot of interesting ideas for new directions and products.

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I want to save money for this synthesizer, it seems to me that many ideas from it and from moog matriarch should be in the new TE

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