My OP-1 keeps freezing/crashing. It tends to happened when I’m using my tape and searching sounds from the synth section. This is happening over and over again. Im stress as I have a gig coming up!

My OP-1 keeps freezing/crashing. It tends to happened when I’m using my tape and searching sounds from the synth section. This is happening over and over again. Im stress as I have a gig coming up!

try factory reset if u haven’t already
sometimes helps fix weird issues like this

I’ve run into something similar where I had a corrupted (?) drum patch that would immediately crash my OP-1 when I’d select it. I had to remove it altogether. If you scroll through the presets one-by-one can you identify the specific patch(es) causing the issue?

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Yes I’ve been thinking of the factory reset. Just don’t want to loose my set up I’ve got for the gig.
Thanks docs’

It happens in my “Drum” folder. When I scroll down to the patch “Neoprene” it crashes.

I gotta team up with the gang and go with the factory reset.
Do a backup and refresh the unit asap.

As for the incoming gig, just isolate the issue the best you can and try to avoid any combination that might make the op1f crash.

As a touring guitarist with loads of modeling stuff and laptops, I can vouch that the factory reset is not ideal. But it’s way more practical than having any issue during the actual gig.
Rehearsals are there for this type of situations too. I get you don’t wanna mess up the work you already did.
But believe you me : the audience cares about a great gig as much as it hates a showstopper.

If you don’t want to factory reset (even with a backup of sorts), it’s best practice to try and understand the many ways the unit could crash and hope for the best.

On a side note, since the issue seem to happen with a factory preset, backing up before the reset should yield great results.
But then again, I understand the pickle-of-a-situation that you’re in!

Let us know!

Thank you for the comforting response.
So I’ve only had my op1 for a year and a bit so I’m being a baby and asking stupid questions.
basically my tape is full/4 reel, patches etc on there, So if I saved everything from my op1 onto the computer, factory reset on op1, then reload my tape, patches etc from the computer onto the fresh op1 I should have success?

No dumb questions. Really. I guarantee that at least.

I wouldn’t feel safe guaranteeing you success. But it’s worth a try.

Backing up is as easy as transferring everything to an external drive (via a computer) and putting everything back in.
And then, a factory reset (and, eventually, a firmware reinstall, even tho you’re already on the latest firmware) can go a long way troubleshooting what you’re experiencing.

Since your tapes are full, it could be a processing issue (I don’t really know if the op1f does swap memory processing). It could also be a faulty patch you installed or saved. It could be a corrupted tape (but this last one seems highly unlikely).

In any way, a factory reset is usually the best practice here. As long as you save your “TAPE” folder as is, it should be a breeze reimporting it after a reset.

But then again, it’s hard to guarantee a 100% result here.

Out of all the possible outcomes, I’d say two might occur in case of a reset. a) you end up with the same bug, in which case you’ll have to fully offload the unit, reset it fresh, and try to replicate the bug without reinstalling your backup, or b) it saves the day and you can go on with your set.

Personally, I’d go like this :

  • backup the full unit
  • do a full reset (factory reset + firmware reinstall)
  • try to replicate the bugs BEFORE reinstalling the backup
  • reinstall the backup

You could only reinstall your tape folder (not your own samples and snapshots), you could try reinstalling only select folders (user snapshot is usually the best practice).

Ione thing for sure : it’s gonna be a trial/error kind of investigation to get to the bottom of this.

I hope this helps a bit.

(and since we’re on the topic, I’ve been using the op1f for about a month, but been using various gear for the past 20 year - I’m a sound engineer and a touring musician. Long story short, all electronic devices suffer from these issues at some point. And half of the time, issues like this happen and vanish. That’s electronics and algorithms for you)

I saved everything, restored everything, got working again and now today the output (hole) wont play any audio. a few months ago I had it fixed as a headphone jack went sideways in it. It was fixed. Now i’m fearing there’s something wrong due to that old injury. I’m about to call it quits. Too much bad luck.

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That’s got to be frustrating. Can you use the OP-1 USB audio out to iPad or computer or something to play your show?

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That’s some bad luck AND some bad issues indeed.

I don’t know if both issues are connected, but that’s a weird coincidence.

If you don’t mind my asking (this is more of an empirical question here), how did it all started? How bad was it damaged? Would you be kind enough to share some details and/or a timeline of the issues?

As @opsr was suggesting, you could try to work around the issue with the USB features (and that’s some creative thinking right there, well done @opsr !). It’s well worth the try.
You could also try to « mini broadcast » this through the FM capabilities (you would need a receiver with output capabilities and lowest latency possible).

In the mean time, I’d still try TE’s support. You never know. At that price point, I’m pretty confident we are paying a little portion of Customer Service. Can’t say what they will tell you - depends on so many variable specifics. But then again, worth the try.

On a personal note, now.
Don’t beat yourself up anyways. It happens with every gear, all the time. And it sucks.
I almost quit music in 2015 when my Pro Tools home studio went to hell with El Capitan macOS. Looking back at it, it was stupid to take it so personally. But everything from my interface (MBox Pro 3 + PTHD card) to my MIDI Controller (Akai MPK49) all the way up to my iMac (their 27 flagship that cost me an arm the year before) stopped working together. All because of audio drivers, updates and such.
I don’t know why I updated early that year, before going to tour. And retrospectively, a downgrade would have probably worked (tho through much undeserved hassle). But I just called it quits. Picked up a brand new custom Marshall amp, a brand new Telecaster and some pedals (with a looper) and an old tape recorder to sketch songs.
Took a year and a half and three musicians to get the studio back in order - and a swift move to Logic Pro.
Took another 6 month of getting the love back for my In The Box workflows. But looking back, I think I wanted to stop and thought the hassle was not worth the time and money. But it was. It always is. Working with electronics, with machines and instruments…there’s always gonna be challenging times. Your creativity is always gonna be challenged. And whatever option you chose, it’s always worth your time.
Just my poor two cents. I really feel you rn.

I hope you’re not too frustrated, is all. Please, keep us posted.
If I can think of anything, I’ll update too. In the meantime, take care.

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does audio still come out of hte speaker?
maybe your jack just isn’t switching over so to speak

snap a quick pic of your connector board if u are feeling so inclined