My OP-1 Turns On When Switched Off

Anybody else having this problem? My OP-1 seems have have fallen into the habit of magically powering on when it is clearly switced off. I have no idea what it could be, and after quite a bit of research, I haven’t found anyone else reporting this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because it keeps draining the battery. And it kinda creeps me out too. Haha

Turn it on while pressing the Album button (I think)

You get a screen with a few utility tools, including a hardware test. could well be a borked switch

Mine did exactly the same thing for about a year - nothing I tried fixed it…(software resets, formats, firmware reloads, pulling out the IO board and ‘re-seating’ it)

Eventually replaced the IO board, never did it again and has been a perfectly behaved OP-1 every since.

Thank you! I will definitely try that