My OP1 doesn't sample melodies the right way

Hello. I just bought an OP1 and updated to the most recent firmware.

I haven’t been able to sample melodies through the mic into the sampler. Only works in the drum kits.

I’m following instructions on TE’s web:

  1. press synth.
  2. press shift + 1-8.
  3. choose sampler.
  4. press 1-8.
  5. press shift + mic.
  6. choose microphone as input.
  7. adjust threshold and gain settings, white + orange.
  8. hold any key and speak into the microphone.
  9. release key.
  10. play the keyboard and enjoy the sound of your voice.

My problem is on step 8. If i hold a key, I only get the sound of the notes of the synth, but it doesn’t start recording.
It does start recording if I press Shift + key, but it doesn’t stop recording when i release it. It eventually finishes but then i can’t seem to access the recording so I can at least cut it in the right way.

Does anyone else have this problem? I don’t know if it is a User, Device or Firmware problem.

Thanks in advance.

PS already reported via e-mail to TE support, but maybe you guys could help me out in the meantime.


Guess it’s not a firmware issue, since I downgraded to #242 and same thing happens

i just tried this. am on the latest firmware
works fine.

i think atleast going by your video u have not actually selected sampler engine
your screen shows the digital synth engine

investigating a lil more…
if i select a synthesis engine and then try to sample, i am seeing what u are seeing

so just make sure u select a SYNTH SAMPLE patch
or the SYNTH SAMPLER engine first
and u should be golden

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DRUM is less confusing than SYNTH because there is only 2 engines.

still sorta a bug i guess since u’d think u wouldn’t be able to even initiate sampling
if u weren’t in the sampler engine which causes confusion

You saved me :slight_smile:

always happy to help
now go sample the world! :earth_africa:

I think what happened is that TE programmed Shift + Key with the input audio on to be a shortcut for no-handed sampling (e.g. guitar) that records for the exact sample length without needing to do the record to tape + sample from/lift tape bit. They made it so turning input audio on while playing a synth will not engage sampling because a pressing a key will engage the synth note, but that doesn’t turn sampling “off”, it just redirects the key input. When you use the Shift + Key command it engages the shortcut to sampling and doesn’t engage the synth with a key, but the OP-1 will try to save the recorded audio to whichever non-sampler synth you are playing. Since audio can’t be saved to the synth engine the OP-1 just keeps trying to save the audio unsuccessfully until you give it a new command.

It does seem like a slight oversight, but I don’t think it causes any issues.

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Ok i think Im having a similar issue. When i hit shift and mic instead of it saying sample it says input and only plays a note, doesnt record. Its driving me crazy.