Need a bit of Album help.

Hi all

When i import album into Audacity its just the stereo. I need to work on one track only(used all 4). So whats the best way to import into audacity one track and then transfer back to the other 3 tracks so that the OP-1 can make another album side. Can it be done? Thanks.

Not sure I fully understand, but what you can do is UL to Audacity, split file into two mono files and save them to the “Tape” folder in OP-1. Make sure you rename the files or else they won’t show up when you disconnect your OP from PC.

The four tape tracks are in the “tape” folder. Just import the track file of your choice into Audacity. After done modifying it, you can reimport it by replacing the old file in the tape folder (be sure to save as AIFF mono, and make a backup of the old file). There’s a high chance that you might lose the slice markers on that track, it will appear as one piece on the tape.

Thanks guys. Just what i needed to know. I was concerned i wouldnt be able to reimport into the OP-1.