Need a replacement right arrow key cap

TE said I have to buy a whole new replacement keyboard. I think that’s a bit odd that they don’t have spare parts for such an expensive device.

Does anyone have any advice?

Good luck trying to get a replacement keyboard from them - if you decide to go down that route. My OP-Z has been with TE’s repair centre since early November. It just needs the keyboard membrane replacing, but they don’t have any spares in stock.

I mean, it seems crazy anyway buying a whole new keyboard to use just one of the plastic key caps from it

Yeah that sounds pretty ridiculous for a single keycap. Maybe try to have it 3D printed?

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I had a broken key a couple of months back and simply sent a request to purchase a new one. They wrote back a few days later with a link to a web order on their site to purchase a new set. They wont replace a single key, only selling a complete set. Just be sure the mechanism under the key is not broken. Pricing was listed as:

1 x OP-1 key set - .60 / each = .60

Subtotal: $41.60
Shipping & handling: $14.00
Total: $55.60

Shipping was to US and if I remember right was expedited and came pretty quickly. Maybe its just me but their support seems pretty on point lately. I had an issue with my OPZ that was also resolved really quickly and happily.

I have keycaps for sale if anyone needs one send me a pm and I can post it up on I have most buttons available still

Yes please!