Need help about files format

It took me two afternoon to have all my files and the OPZ doesn’t keep them after import. Can you tell me what is wrong about these files ? length ? format ?

deserted distantpad dreamvhs four mist montreal poly second sic unstable

are for the lead file (synth sounds)

the others is for drum, so I only will use kick snare and hihat

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I’ve written a guide. I think it covers all of that.

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Thanks for your quick answer

I already read your guide because I build my files collection based on it.

That’s why I don’t understand what is wrong with them

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Oh, alright sorry. Haven’t noticed that these are drum samples. Well I can confirm that they don’t work and I don’t see anything wrong with the format. The samples are longer than 4 seconds though and I believe there is a limit for 4 second slices with the drum sampler format. I tested with deserted.aif, reduced the length and put it through OP-1 Drum Utility again and it works.
When using the longer sample, it doesn’t complain though, so I’m not 100% sure that this is correct.

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The files named “deserted distantpad dreamvhs four mist montreal poly second sic unstable”
are my synths file
I tried to upload them in the lead files and the OPZ doesn’t keep them
I tried in the chord files and same result

I tried these fils through your conversion website
and the OPZ doesn’t keep the “instrument” files

I will try to reduce the drum files to 4 seconds


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I have an op-1 maybe it will be easier to use it ?

Importing the files in the op-1, let it make the conversion and then export from the op1 and import those files into the opz ?

Wait a second. I’ve tried deserted and distantpad and they both have the drum markers, not the synth markers. Running them through my tool adds the synth markers but then they have both and I don’t know how the OP-Z treats it when both types are present. Also for them to be used as synth samples, you have to make sure they are exactly 6 seconds long.
Can’t compare to the the OP-1, I’ve never used one, sorry.

I tried with the OP1, my files are rejected in the SYNTH section but accepted in the drum section.

I just tested one file from my synth (maybe deserted or distant pad)

I’m so frustrated

There are drum markers inside these files. Open them in something like Audacity, save to a different file (while at it, make them 6 seconds) and those markers will be gone. Then run them through my tool.

It’s ok for the synth sample.
I passed them trough audacity to have 6 seconds
then through itunes to be sure to have 16bits, 44,1 etc…

it’s good.

Now I have to do my drums samples… all are less than 4 seconds but are rejected by the OP-Z.

I don’t understand how to use the Drum utility with the OPZ because the drum utility only gave one big file with all the sounds, no ?

The OP-Z uses the same format as the OP-1 for drum kits, so yes, one big file. Jeremy explains how to do that in this video: