Need help buying iPad

So I’m looking to buy an iPad for the OP-Z and apps like SAMPLR and AUM. What generation will work for me ? Do I need a pro???

I am using a hand-me-down ipad air. It works fine. The videolab stuff doesn’t tun perfectly smoothly, but for music stuff it works fine. Recently I have been having fun controlling the korg gadget with the op-z. One instrument/gadget per midi track. Way more parameters to tweak.

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I think your best bet might be the current sixth gen iPad from 2018. It is quite a speed bump from the previous one and over the iPad Air/2 and is really quite reasonably priced. You don’t need a pro for this.

(I have a current Pro, my wife has a current sixth gen iPad)

Yeah I actually just purchased the 11 inch last night. Still shipping to store. Do you like it?
What GB do you have? I ordered the 64gb and hope it’s enoigh

The 11" Pro is fantastic. Best iPad I’ve ever had (and I’ve had most of them). I’m a software dev so I use it a lot for that, too. USB-C is good, but lack of 3.5mm jack is a bit of a bummer on this because bluetooth is useless for anything but playback.

A USB-C to 3.5mm jack was $9 and works great.

64Gb isn’t going to leave tons of space, but as long as you don’t want to carry around downloaded video, you will be OK.

I have the 256GB, only about 50Gb used, and I have big flight charts and stuff on there.

I think 64GB today isn’t as bad as 16Gb was a few years ago - where you had to clean stuff up a lot to have some room to work. If I had paid for mine out of my pocket, it would have been 64Gb!

Oh, and that fancy Apple smart keyboard cover…its awesome.

I think I’ll return it and get the 256 then. 64 just seems so small for something I’d like to use for a few years. Also I’ve heard bad things about they Smart Keyboard. I heard the magnets too weak to hold the tablet.

If you want to keep it for years, 256GB would be good.

I had the smartkeyboard on my old 9.7 pro. The edges got a bit worn, but it worked during my travels for years.

The smart keyboard on the new 11 pro has incredible magnets - way, way more than the old. Perhaps what you heard referred to the old version.