Need help with sample looping

Hey fellow OP-1 users.

So, i really want to love the OP 1, i really do. However, I’m having trouble looping samples seamlessly into the drum sampler engine. I am used to Ableton’s warp mode, spoiled by it you can say. With that said, I’m having a difficult time looping samples without timestretching or any other tools, with just the OP-1 alone. When in tape mode, my loops sound off beat. I’ve tried using tap tempo, and adjusting the bpm the best to my ability, but i just can’t seem to achieve seamless loops. Does anyone else have trouble with this?

I primarily make sample based music, and this is really making it difficult to create beats. Does anyone have any tips that could help me overcome this issue? I’d really appreciate any input from you folks.

Try cutting your beat into individual hits on keys of your drum sampler.So kick on one key,hat on next.Then snare,then other hat,bassdrum 2,snare 2 etc.Maybe into eight different start points.
Then re-sequence your beat with Endless or Finger (or Grid) and play back at approx tempo.The groove may be more clockwork,but more varied tempos can be used.Adjust tempo faster if unwanted drums are triggering twice.(Try swing at subtle settings maybe).
Then move onto longer pieces of your loop and see if they can seq at your tempo smoothly.
Make sure on the tempo page green is set to Beat.

Check also @darenager’s time stretch with the value lfo in the tips and tricks thread announcement! It’s the first post.

Thanks yall. Like I said I’m spoiled by Ableton’s time stretching capabilities for sure, lol. But these are some helpful tips. Overall, there’s still much more fun involved with creating on the OP-1 as opposed to a DAW. This is a limitation I can live with