Need replacement screws for connector board

Hey all - I traded someone on craigslist some gear for an OP-1 was having issues with the headphone jack. I opened it up to find two of the screws missing that hold the board in place, and no washer for the hole closest to the power switch. Could anyone tell me what size screw + washer I need to replace what’s missing?

The previous owner is long gone so I can’t ask him if he has them somewhere unfortunately.


Ok, I opened mine up but the screws are too tiny to easily identify. I am assuming they are metric, they caliper at 1.94 mm diameter and about 2.5 mm length below the head. The washer measures 2.2 mm ID by about 4.3 mm OD. My local supplier (I am a parts person by day) has a 2mm set screw I am going to try, but they aren’t open for another hour. I will report back with more info as I find it.

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So I can’t find a small enough hex key to try the set screw in the OP-1 but this picture shows that it seems to be a match. If I were a betting man I would say you are looking for M2-0.40 x 2.5mm machine screws.
Edited to add that the set screw in the picture is 3mm long.

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Thank you so much, if they’re not exactly right this is as good a starting place as I could hope for. Fingers crossed!

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