Need some help with op1 + guitar pedal

Hi all

I use my op1 for all sorts of stuff but I’m not as tech savvy as I should be with this stuff
So ordered a infinite jetts effects pedal to use with my op1. And I guess I can go from line out of the op1
Into the pedal but then the output of the pedal, if I just want to use it to mess around on the go can I plug headphones
Into the output of the effects pedal to play around with or will the level not be right?

In normal situation I would go on the output of the pedal Into the input on my interface and use monitors to listen but I’m after
a more mobile solution to just practice and play around when I’m out and about.


the output of the pedal might be in mono which isnt ideal. but op1 pairs with pedals decently well nothing to worry about.

Awesome, so maybe apart from being in mono I can just stick some headphones Into the output of the pedal?

it is possible to break headphones by connecting them directly to pedals. some it might work fine others it could fry more importanlty the audio quality would be poor. You are gonna want an amp, mixer, etc… before listening. Plenty of portable options.

TE thinks the solution to this problem is to buy another op1. lol

TE please add send return to op2 thx

Thanks for replying!

So any suggestions for headphone amp? I see the vox ones for about £30. It’s just for jamming by myself I have a better setup for recording stuff