Needle Thrashers 2 Drumkit

Hi folks,

I was sorting out my man cave the other day and needed to test recording something from vinyl, so I took the opportunity to record something useful and turn it into a drumkit. It’s a selection of snippets of breaks from DJ Q-Bert’s Needle Thrashers 2 (a scratch tool).

And in case you fancied grabbing the other kits I made previously, I put them into a playlist.


Hey @Yoof

I think this sounds great!

Any chance you could provide a link to the Thrashers file on something like Dropbox please? I can’t download from Soundcloud on my iPad.



Hey Josh,

Glad you like it. I was having fun with this one last night actually :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps:

Dropbox - drumkits - Simplify your life

Give us a shout when you’ve grabbed them.


Got them! Thank you :slight_smile:

This is soo dope @yoof! Thanks for these drums.


Nice, thanks!

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Amazing drums.