New 6 channel mixers available LTD edition

Got a new batch of 6 channel passive stereo mixers available now, new design in black only 30 will be made, price is same as before £30GBP plus postage, because I love you guys forum members can get 2 for £50 plus shipping, as before these can also be used as clock distributors, here are some pics:

Nice !!


Really like mine btw, I never took the time to tell you it works like a charm :slight_smile:

@LyingDalai You already own one 6ch ?

Nope, the big sisters 6 mono and 4 stereo :slight_smile:

Hello @darenger, this one is good for what, exactly? :slight_smile:

@aeoner any line level stereo 3.5mm stuff - OP1, Volcas, PO’s etc

@darenager your previous 4-channels stereo mixer could be used both ways, to sync e.g. 4 POs from 1 Volca or to mix the 4 POs audio.

May this device be used both ways as well ?

@LuingDalai - yes it can and BTW I forgot to thank you for the feedback above, so thanks :wink:

Hehe I still use them regularly mate, thx to you :slight_smile: