New album made on the OP-1 Field using custom sounds

Hi folks, I recorded a collection of sketches from a OP-1 Field Tape which got created over time while working on various sound packs or by just jamming and fooling around. Enjoy these 32 minutes :wink:

Also available via Bandcamp if that’s your jam :slight_smile:


Recorded another collection of sketches from an OP-1 Field Tape which I hope you’ll enjoy. This one is inspired by various tales and recorded in one take to a c60 cassette until the A side of the tape was full.

Also up for grabs on Bandcamp.


this is nice, thank you for sharing!
sounds like a decent amount of time went into it…

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Thanks a lot for listening and your comment!
Much appreciated and I am glad you like it

Monthly sketch report with another 30 minutes of noise which I hope you’ll enjoy !

Also up for grabs on Bandcamp for the ones interested:

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