New and confused. Connecting an Aira J-6

I’ve got both an OP-Z and a Roland Aira J-6. I don’t have an oplabs nor a line module. Does anyone know if I can send or receive midi between the two via USB (using an otg adapter I think)

I’m new to all of this so a lot of general advice is a bit over my head atm. If anyone could point me in the direction of any further reading on what I’m trying to do or help me out it would be much appreciated!

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to send or receive midi from the Z without using one of the modules
u just need a class compliant usb to midi adapter
they are pretty common

class compliant just means that it does not need any drivers installed to work
it just works out of the box.

most adapters will say whether or not they are class compliant.


Try connecting them with a USB-C to C cable. my OP-Z and Roland 404mk2 could be connected with just a USB cable.


ah didn’t realize this device had usb midi
that should work too

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Looking forward to getting one to use with the Blackbox.