New cassette beat tapes made with OP-1, OPZ & PO´s + fanzine!


I just released two new cassette beat tapes made with OP-1, OP-Z & Pocket Operators + a risography fanzine!

ZANSHO 残暑 presentes 12 minimalistic hip-hop grooves sampling in 8-bits vinyl records, mixtapes, videos and lost & found sounds from Tokyo and Kyoto. The samples were all processed in analog fx. All beats were recorded directly on tape, in a TASCAM 424MK2 4-track.

Tomodachi 友達 is a work about friendship and presents the recording from a lofi, strictly Pocket Operators live made in the legendary chiptune laboratory Café La Siesta in Kyoto, in the late summer of '17, and remixes of the original tracks made by a finest selection of beatmakers from Japan, Brazil and UK (including @STEEEZO_946, Ally Mobbs and the chiptune wizards from Chippanze netlabel).

The fanzine is a collection of memories and textures from a journey to Japan in the last days of '17 summer. It presents analog photos shoot in Japan with lofi disposable Fuji & Kodak cameras from konbinis.

Those photos reflects the beauty of Japan late summer cityscapes, endless record digging and beatmaker reunions with friends.

It is handmade and printed in risograph, with exploding colors, never fully dried ink and characteristic lofi textures, which makes every limited hand-numbered edition unique.

Hope that you like it!


Congrats on the release! You’ve got a sale here.

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