New Colored Pencil Cases!

I’m not sure if you guys saw, but teenage engineering has new colors for the opz case on their site. They have a blue, red, green and the yellow and grey now. They are really vibrant colors and look great! Not a huge deal but they are cheap and I thought why not? I love the blue and red but went with red in the end… I like it much more than the grey I have now.


Nice! Gonna check it out!

For those of you who have those cases, do you recommend them? Are they protective enough for me to throw it into a crowded backpack or something? (I’m also looking at the Hermitshell case that people say is the perfect size)

Yes I think so… if you put the USB cord and audio cord in the other half it acts as a cusion to the keys… and they pretty thick plastic/rubber material… I wouldn’t drop it but other than that I think it’s fine.

There is no cushioning and most importantly the only protection for the volume knob is the rigidity of the fabric.
In short, I feel it would only be a matter of time for the volume knob.
I recommend a Decksaver inside the TE pouch with the cable stored separately in the fold.


Yes that would be better… but so much plastic is folded around that yellow tab I’m not real worried about it, it would take a pretty hard object smashing against that little specific area, like with anything if you are careful with your expensive things you won’t have a problem… however I know people that smash their iPhone on the first day and I’ve never dropped my phone… so if you are a clumsy person then you will need more.

Have any of you seen or heard of the Hermitshell thing? It seems possibly more effective and cheaper, but I can’t tell for sure from pictures. Also, people have said that the original foam fits perfectly inside it.

I got the read one today! It looks really good! Much cooler than the grey!

I bought that Hermitshell case and I love it. It needs the foam piece from the original packaging to fit perfectly, but with that in there it feels really secure.

If you want something that does a better job of protecting op-z then check this out.

Now that’s thinking outside the box!


i’m using the hermitshell with the foam from the box and it is a very snug fit… feel very safe putting it in my backpack with other stuff

im just a cheapskate whos sick of paying over the odds just for some nice branding :wink:

I measured it in the pencil case and the yellow flap knob is a inch in from the sides… so it really would take a act of God to hit right where it could break it, I’m really not worried about it and the decksaver would just be another step to get it out, that kinda ruins the point of it to me, to beable to just grab it anytime.