New Device Won't Power on After OS Upgrade

I got a new OP-1 today and it was working fine. I charged it for a while, played around with it, then decided to hook it up to my laptop to see what the filesystem was like. While I was doing that I decided to download and install the latest firmware just in case it was running an older version. The install was successful, but after rebooting the device will not come up at all. I get a blank screen, and nothing else. I can hold down the Com button and bring up the TE-Boot screen, and I’ve tried every option there including wiping the disk and starting over. I’ve had the synth plugged in to charge all day but it’s still doing the same thing at this point. I did email Teenage Engineering but I honestly don’t expect a response any time soon.

Any ideas?

Having this same exact problem at the moment…

@cp1 Could you share the 220 OS version that TE sent you, please?

Same issue, received the OP-1 yesterday. Everything worked fine out of the box.

This morning decided to upgrade OS, and the device won’t power up. I can go into the Shift+COM option to reinstall firmware, functional test works, but the device will not power on or work.

I’m going to send a note to TE as well, but was hoping someone had a solution here.

TE just emailed me back and said that I had inadvertently downgraded versions. So they sent me the 220 OS to re-upgrade my unit.

I’ll try it tonight after work and hopefully everything will return to synth-y bliss

@orestes Could you please provide a copy of the 220 firmware? Seems a major problem right now, and it would be cool if the forum could provide a quick solution for upcoming incidents.

Should probably confirm with TE whether 220 is hardware rev specific before putting on an older OP-1. If 218 is breaking new OP-1s, then you’ll never know if 220 breaks old OP-1s. 220 might be the temporary FW for adjusting to new parts until they can create one unified FW for all OP-1s. This is speculative that there is a new hardware rev, to be clear.

@GCF I think you may be right.

I really don’t feel comfortable uploading and distributing the 220 to a general audience in case it doesn’t work properly with older OP-1’s, resulting in TE being inundated with technical support queries.

My thinking is if the 220 firmware was ready for wide release to all devices, TE would have put it on their website. I’ll be honest, I have not had enough time to play with it to even know if there is anything newer about it in terms of function than I have seen in YouTube videos.

By the way @monotone, if you really want to get your hands on it, you can always email TE saying you bought a unit recently and mistakenly downgraded the software.

Same issue for me… (if you want to email it to me, I don’t mind the risk of installing 220)

@destinationsound Are you equally ok with the risk of your OP-1 not working again and paying a load of money to get it serviced by THE? Because that’s really what you are risking.

Here’s a link to firmware version 220. The customer support rep told me that versions below 220 won’t work with the bootloader 220 installs. That being said, INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK, as I’m not sure if it’s a hardware-revision specific firmware or not. Don’t go installing it for fun. Looking around the forum, seems like there are new bugs associated with this firmware anyway. Just wanted to share the link for people like me who know what the problem is and don’t want to wait for support to get back to them.

@orestes @jameswenzel Out of curiosity, were your serial numbers in the format of “T9…” by any chance?

Ok, happy to report my device is now un-bricked. This was a scary first day as an OP-1 owner.

Thanks for saving us a trip through support.

@branny Yep, serial starts with T9. Glad it helped you out!

Holy sh*t. I bought a new one last Saturday, then did the 218 upgrade, then it wouldn’t turn on again.

Then on Sunday, finding various (older) threads, I completely drained my battery and charged it again today. Nothing worked.

Then I find this thread and 220 solves it instantly.

You are my hero! And, TE need to release it or others will do the exact same thing… (or, at least they could put up a warning behind the 218 link).

Anyway, yes, also I had a “T9…” serial number.

Hey gang - I emailed TE about the compatibility of OS #220 with pre-2017 units, and asked if I could receive a copy… This was their response:

“Keep an eye on our website, something might just pop up soon”

Thought I’d share. Sounds encouraging :slight_smile:

Could’ve they been referring to the new 225 update?

Exactly @bichuelo… It was released just hours after I posted that :slight_smile:

Calm down gents. They’ll be serving tea, coffee and scones in the lobby in five. Enjoy the breeze and meet your peers.