New drum trigger kick starter campaign

Came across this looks promising. I’m unaffiliated.

It looks great, but I think it’s going to prove way too expensive in the end. They’ve almost met their goal already which is great, but if $985 is $300 off retail for 3 sensors, I keep thinking a lot of people are going to tell them to ‘GFY’. $600 for just one sensor. And it needs a laptop running their software.

I do hope it takes off, though, more choices for drummers can’t be a bad thing.

Some of the stuff in that article sort of blows my mind, though, like, how could people even say things such as "I don’t know how drummers do so well with those things because you literally have to remember which sound you put in each square … For me, to have that mapped onto drums I know and love and understand is a game-changer."

Hello? You still have to map the shit and know what is where before you can go in and do your flimmy flammy madness and have it blend lol. They’re fucking pads, not pamphlets describing rocket surgery. The same person does go on to say that she uses the sensors to layer chopped up vocal samples to play melodies and that does sound cool, but… back to the thing about pads. Probably not as intuitive after being set up, but you’re still complaining pads are hard and this wunder sensor is easy peasy.

Someone else… "But for me, it’s a part of growing up listening to hip-hop just as much as rock and wanting to emulate the sounds."

But… hip hop was made on samplers. If you want to emulate those sounds… get an emu or mpc o.O As much as I’d love to see a live hip hop act with a real drummer and bassist/synthesist as well as the ‘lyrical assassin’ up on stage.

Now I’m starting to get… ranty. These comments just come across as daft at best and sales shill at worst is all, but I’m generally skeptical about any “celebrity endorsements” on a kickstarter in general.

what I don’t understand is that they almost claim it blends your real kit tone into samples/effects…

It looks like that for a few hits but then the rest just looks like pure sample triggering, which I don’t want to transport/set up a drum kit to accomplish live quite frankly.

I think this would appeal to what I call “musicians”. Who are people in my city that are really good at playing music (possibly university trained) and want to get something which will help them be “relevant” to the current generation of festival goers A.K.A “Can it do that Dub Step sound”.

I swear I’m not a bitter music store tech…