New Hold Sequencer

Before I bought Field I watched several reviews and in none of them the Hold “sequencer” made any sense. Literally everyone missed its main feature. When you hold any keys and either rotate grey knob counter-clockwise or press shift + <, the keys will be held transposed down into the “hold” range. This way you can build a multi-octave key combinations and then transpose them up and down the range. (Hard to explain in text, but try it and you will immediately see what I mean.)

One thing I think is missing is the ability to transpose the combination off the keyboard or out of “hold” range. If this was possible (as an option, at least) you could continuously morph the sound without ever stopping it it. That would be pretty awesome for ambient compositions.


You’ve got to edit the JSON text for this feature.

Changes the trigger to a toggle

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I tried it out and I totally had missed it. Very interesting feature. Thx for sharing the discovery!

How is that done…had no idea you can do any advanced editing of settings!

Hold part select when powering on until all lights are green, then connect usb to computer.

In the sub menus go into Configuration, General, (view a s text. The JSON TXT files) are with option to rewrite and save.

Options are presented as True/ False

Oh! Oops!

I’m responding about the OPZ!

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that was it! ok so i’m still curious if there is such advanced tweaking to the op1-field or not :slight_smile:

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