New iPad mini apple page shows op-z


do you have a link ?

It’s in the main page of the new iPad mini advertising!

Looks so cool!

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thanks for the link ! yeah looks awesome ! op-z still looks just as fresh as the new iPad mini.
shows that TE collaborates with Apple a little bit.
but I think its charging only. you still need a USB dongle to send audio and midi.

Nice catch

Not sure about that, now that the new ipad mini is USB-C

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Maybe they will start selling TE products at the apple stores? That would be awesome. They would fit in so well

I don’t think it’d go well if they did (too niche a category at Apple retail), and TE probably also can’t do the margins Apple will require.

Source: ROLI was assorted at Apple for a while, didn’t sell. Also my personal experiences in the industry. :wink:

Anyone know what that App on the iPad is?

The OP-Z app. You can use the photo manipulation aspect without the OP-Z.

It’s the same as the app on the phone. It’s essentially the screen that is “missing”!
And you can add/remove/move sounds, adjust MIDI etc.
really cool

indeed, you can use an USB-C to USB-C cable

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