New messages weirdness

Regarding the forum looks: I seem to only see the yellow “x new” marker signaling new messages if I have already viewed a thread, otherwise the thread looks like the threads where I have already viewed all messages.

Also, a thread with say three posts will be listed as having two comments. Is this how it is supposed to be?

Also, I don’t understand that “view” counter…

2 comments + original post = 3, or does your 2 include the original post @stahlwerk?

The new marker only works after you’ve seen the thread because it shows you replies to the thread since you last visited.

Ok, understand. But not that great I think. It is easy missing new threads this way…

you unfortunately have to view the message via the link I believe, the notification is a pain too.

these things are deep and I will break something. so please try to live with it.

new threads have a bold title

ALso you can go to the other look via your user page.

Thanks for the explanation, and thanks for all your hard work! I will certainly get used to it.