New Midi Controller - Lots of Knobs and Sliders!

Do you know what I’m on about?

A month or two ago on Instagram I saw a company showcasing some volca-sized controllers that use the same case build method as the likes of the Bastl Instruments MicroGranny and the KVGear Vixen Mixer.

One controller had lots of volca-styled knobs on it that could be midi assigned.
The other controller which was the same size had loads of sliders/faders.

Think they were just about $120 each.

Been scowering Instrgram to try to re-find these controllers but to no avail. I think I probably friended/followed the person/shop/brand but I’ve forgotten the name so cant find them.

you’re probably talking about this:
Was it Bastl's "60 knobs"?

edit: oh wait you said faders as well. Those nakedboard things look really nice!

Thanks, InstantJuggler got it right.

Damn having looked at them though it’s only Midi via USB and not standard Midi Connections.

The Bastl 60 Knobs I knew about and is probably what I’d be going for as it has Midi Connections.

I’m toying with the idea of getting a Digitakt and would like lots of hands-on controls of parameters for some real fun sound designing and jamming rather than having to menu dive. Was inspired after watching this video …

Digitakt Tutorial - How I Use a Midi Controller To Create Interesting Sounds - YouTube

I have a MidiFighter Twister but that’s only 16 knobs and it’s USB connection too :frowning:


Now all our MIDI-controllers have MIDI-out port and come with a 3.5mm to DIN 5 pin adapter


Have you tested it with an op-z? I would really like to have 8 faders for the 8 op-z tracks.

don‘t wanna crash sales buuut Akai midimix

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Hello! Our MIDI-Controllers work with any devices that receive CC’s-massages

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Akai makes great, quality controllers! However, our devices differ in many ways. For instance, we produce controllers with MIDI ports.

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i would love to have your devices! would be a great match for a mobile system and of course i love the idea with the breakout! no complaints :fire::fire::fire:

Thank you!

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Are are you liking the Midimix with your OP-Z?

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it’s versatile! I would recommend to change the knobs for better grip! :slight_smile:


Do you use a USB-B to USB-C adapter, or does it take something more complicated to work?

you can use exactly that! but iam settled with a raspberry pi.

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Thanks, mate! I was set on getting the Kingston Nucleus thingy, but a cheaper cable (which might come useful anyway) is a better start, I guess :slight_smile:

the Apple one is a no brainer