New modular pocket operators!

They look interesting, but honestly I’m kinda ticked off. We have no op-1 in stock anywhere, no op-z cases, no op-z accessories.

And now a new product launch.

I think the modules will help the op-z play nicely. TE wants in the tabletop modular market, and the “400” has 3 VCOs plus LFO for $500USD. Great value compared to moog. Downside is you assemble it yourself.

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Oh, and battery operated!

I don’t understand the use of the word “modular”.
Yes, these are “modules” but the main panel is set in stone. It’s pre-perforated steel, each module has its predetermined place.

When new modules come out, where will they go ??

“desktop modular” aka patchable.
Modules can be converted to eurorack. Maybe TE will sell cases. The kits announced today are set in stone/sheet metal

I would buy a flat pack case for normal eurorack! maybe a briefcase!

I think you mean the upside is you assemble it yourself. That’s what makes it so cheap. They did the hard part for us. No soldering required!

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@Ion677 I hear you, but the only way to solve engineering/supply problems is to be able to pay for engineers and alternative parts. The best way to do that is release a new product that is actually available when it’s announced and is easy/cheap to manufacture compared to the op-1 and op-z. I really dislike how I get caught up in TE hype (op-1 firmware and op-z) then disappointed when they miss their own deadlines, or have limited product availability. The Pocket operator product line is a welcome change to that feeling.

Also totally agree with @Lowrent there is something funky with the name. @Plague how can it be both a “desktop modular” and a “pocket operator”. LOL the product page does say you can “make your own conversion from ‘pocket rack’ to eurorack.” and that individual modules will be available later.

@kingof9x I think calling it a pocket operator is the only mistake TE has made here. Feels like a new line not anything to do with the PO line.

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I kinda want a pocket modular now. Same format as pocket operators but instead of screen have DuPont connectors for routing. Can all be DSP just would be cool to work more with module/utility’s. Pocket modular got me super excited but thisnt doesn’t really strike me as a pocket operator modular?

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Same here - it’s got the Pocket Operator label but doesn’t fit in your pocket, and doesn’t really seem sturdy enough for throwing in a bag or taking outdoors. Might be nice to have at home but then again I already have a couple tabletop modulars that I don’t use enough because I’m on the move more.

You can build your own chassis and I heard they are going to make more and its eurorak compatible. So I guess its pretty modular.

It is very likely TE wont stop here and continue to bring out more modules and flexible case / panel options. Essentially creating a smaller, sub-format of Eurorack.

The manual says something about an ‘open frame chassis’ on the last page.

" … explore a complete modular system
with preconfigured chassis for a smooth
modular experience. upgrade to the open
frame chassis when
you are ready to expand
your sonic universe … "

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How will modules look like in a standard eurorack case ? As @lowrent said, it seems preperforated steel… I’m curious to see “nude” modules.