New module?

When?? Have they forgot our beautiful opz now?

Yeah they are working on a new one…. Little birdy told me.


Exciting!! I really hope it will be the analog filter red one!! Make the opz a true hybrid!!

A filter sounds like a cool idea.

More than a new module I’d like to see a firmware and app update to allow storing extra sample packs on the app and swap them in on the go.

Digitakt just got an OS upgrade with slicing. It would be nice to see some auto slicing control introduced to drum tracks on op-z.

So much more potential in the op-z, I hope TE keep working to improve it.


My problem with new modules is you need to take out existing ones - it’s already hard enough to decide between using the Line or Oplab now


I always keep the rumble in unless I need one of the others… And I don’t think that will ever change… rumble is just too good… it feels naked without it.


What is they made a new field case, where you unscrew the board in the opz and put the guts in the new case, and it could hold many modules at once… that would be cool.


Module expansion case, nice!

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This would be wild

Personally i want more dsp stuff and fx added which would be more helpful than any single module.

More tape modes would be my #1 request. Unlikely but i’d also ask for a built in recorder (like op1 album mode).

It will never happen but it would be reeeally cool if they made synth & fx open sourced or at least user editable with some sort of closed api. I’d pay to upgrade my opz if that were possible


The form factor of the OP-Z is a big appeal for me, I wouldn’t want it any bigger honestly.

I don’t think that would make much sense. The OP-Z is polyphonic, a single analog filter would make it paraphonic, which makes zero sense for a multitimbral groovebox. If you wanted to add a filter just to one synth track, (and each has 4 note polyphony), that would mean adding a four channel DAC and four analog filters - and that’s just one track! Plus I’m not even sure the SoC in the OP-Z is capable of routing that many channels to an external DAC, otherwise we’d probably have multitrack USB audio already.

The only way an analog filter module would be feasible would be if only one track which is typically mono is routed to it (bass or lead). Maybe even both, given that they are routed to the filter and back before panning (that means two filters, of course).

It is not my idea, TE had a concept drawing of what the opz would be back before it was available and it had all the current modules plus a red filter one. It was a moog filter and it was probably for the module track so you route tracks to it like the sampling module does.

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Cool, didn’t know! However, still wouldn’t make much sense without an envelope, and that would be only be useful for a single track.

I wished the modules were an open standard or something. Maybe even a DIY module that you can put a Teensy in (or stuff something analog to your liking if it’s equipped with its own DAC and ADC). That would be awesome.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’d like to have a little word with that little birdy.

A microtonic module would be nice…with 4 outputs


Quadraphonic mixer output module would be nice.

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I bought a Syntakt at the end of last year, and since then I haven’t really used my OPZ, I still think its sequencer is better than Elektrons, but I just got bored of the synths which don’t have enough character, so any update that adds to the sound design/synth sounds would be good. I agree it feels very forgotten.


The year before the OP-1f came out, a lot happened for the OP-Z and every comment was about how the OP-1 was forgotten. I think it’s good they focus on a specific product for a while and then go to the next product. I only have an OP-Z, but it feels they make their products for the long run. Just like Elektron (new update Digitakt, yay!), they keep updating their products and I’m happy for that.

I do hope they’ll look at the engines. With some patience you can create great sound, but they can become boring.


@ikbendewereld & @UnhappyDesign

I’m taking this as a learning opportunity, (and I hope you are willing to share more of your thoughts on synthesis). Syntakt has already been mentioned above but…Are there other synths you’ve used that don’t bore you as much as the OPZ?

I’m considering getting a Syntakt, fx pedal or another similar tool in the future

I’m interested in the new Roland SH-4D. 4 synth parts match to the op-z perfectly, plus you get an extra drum track. More hands on than an MC101.

I only own an OP-Z, a Digitakt and a Norns Shield. A Syntakt or a Digitone is also on my wishlist, they seem very versatile!

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