New musicradar review of op-1 field

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It´s weird/annoying how the OP-1 Field is described as “ridiculously expensive” in an universe where, for example, an usual 64 hp eurorack can cost 2000+ and all the desktop Prophets are into this price range.

It´s surprising too that miniaturization and portability are not only desconsidered but even somehow seen as a problem.

It is a lot of money? Yes. But isn´t different from other high end (or simply limited, small batch) electronic music instruments which never received this kind of label, specially in a review.

The comparison that with that money you can get “all the Volca” or “all the Pocket Operators” makes me wonder if the reviewer really tested the OP-1F or the Volcas or the PO´s.

I love the POs (and have a huge respect for Volcas), but obviously stacking Pocket Operators isn´t the same thing as having an OP-1F. This rhetoric is so devoided of sense - isn´t very different of saying that with the price of a Mercedes-Benz you can buy “dozens of bikes or skateboards”.

The article conclusion - “get yourself a Macbook Air” - is specially shameful for Music Radar, as this same simplist, obtuse proposal can be applied to most of the gear that they review nowdays.


The price of the product shouldn’t be factored in on the score. It’s clearly a five star instrument regardless of how much the thing costs.

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the more I use/explore it, the more I stick with my original review: “holy $&@“ this thing is #%^*+>< amazing!!!” lol


Reviewers are as lazy as the rest of us. The narrative about the OP-1 F is that it’s expensive. It takes a bit of effort to come up with your own independent take, and clearly this reviewer couldn’t be bothered.

For me, the more I use it the more amazing it is. I haven’t regretted buying it even once. There’s just nothing else like it.

Tbh I’d take dozens of bikes in this case, though :smile:


I guess the price thing is what drives the clicks, preaching to the choir of people who have already made up their minds

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In most of the music gear reviews, the suggested retail price is a part of the overall review score