New OP-1 album BLUMTWIST

Dear community,

My new OP-1 album BLUMTWIST is online. If you like crazy, noisy music, you might like it. The track GYPSY DRIVER was co-winner in one of the battles a couple of years ago on this forum.

All tracks were completely made and bounced on the OP-1. No external synths or drum machines. A lot of samples were taken from (:heart:). Additional mastering was applied for enhancement and reverb.

Please listen to the album:

Check the video I made for the track QUALCOM:

Feedback appreciated! I’m still wondering if there are people who can actually listen to this. :joy:



Cross your heart. I would like to know why nobody thinks this is worth commenting on. You can be honest! I put a lot of effort into this thing with sound design, video, cover and everything, but I see a lot more interaction when somebody posts a (bad) picture of their OP-1 than with my (admittedly pretty experimental) stuff. Enlighten me please, so I can go on. :)))

Made an account just to say - fantastic! Especially love the last track.

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Nice timing! Just typed in a comment where I was wondering why there is no response at all. This fact that you even created an account to comment on it surprises me and made my day! Thanks a lot, mister dimsumham!

Sonically incredible! Not my usual musical sandwich but I appreciate the skills.

I hear a lot of COW! lol. Love the punch of the drums and syncopation. This is a great example of the versatility of the little beast.

Fave track: CYBERKLOPS

Wondering if all tracks were dry on export to DAW for verb and mastering? I wish the reverb was better in the OP-1 but have found that you can use a short delay, and Grid is good too, in small doses.

Keep creating, man!

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Thanks for the feedback, really glad you like it! It‘s indeed pretty demanding for the ears I guess. :joy:

Yap. CWO is my favorite effect, so I use it quite a lot! Or… all the Time actually.

The bounces were mostly done without a global effect but I used a slight spring reverb on one or two tracks just to glue the sounds together…

The spring reverb is really one of the weakest aspects about the OP-1 for me but it is capable of addding really nice textures on synths and drums so I wouldn’t want to miss it!

Thanks again, man!

@blumquist hey, just found your album here on the forum. love it. i love the deep bassy notes in BRENNERKOBRA. i also like the amount of space in between notes instead of going for a wall of sound.

just saw that you have some more stuff, looking forward to checking it out too!

Thanks a ton man! Glad you like it! :raised_hands:t3:
Yes, silence between notes/sounds is magic and even though that’s one of my premises, I can’t reach the amount of silence I actually want. Maybe I’ll get there some day. Thanks again for the feedback!

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