New OP-1 already being sassy

Well, y’all know me. I’m on my third one and I’ll be damned if the battery indicator is already not cooperating. I know what to do, it’s just frustrating. I noticed on the last op-1 I had that this would happen every time after I would add my own samples. I added 3 new samples to the synth folder the other night and didn’t touch it yesterday. Turned it on tonight and it’s giving me one green light for the battery. Guess I’ll have to leave it on all night and recalibrate. Just in case it happens to someone else, I’ve noticed that when I do a reset and don’t add any of my own samples, the battery indicator stays pretty much perfect. Just FYI and I guess kind of a rant. Good to be back.

I thought I just had bad luck with my battery’s behaviour. I’m curious to how audio files affect the battery meter?

i guess it’s not the sample that causes irritation, it’s the battery loading process when plugged to a computer for a short time.

it has been unstable forever and it’s ok, nuffin to rant about :call_me_hand:


There is indeed nothing wrong with the battery, it’s the display that acts erratically.
Forget it, it will recalibrate at some point by itself :slight_smile:

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You’re right. It’s like the check engine light. Put a piece of tape over it and move on down the road.