New op-1. Battery advice

Hyped to finally own an op-1 later today! Been wanting one since it came out. What’s the current thinking on battery? Fully charge before first use? Always let it fully drain? Always fully charge? None of the above and just get on with it?! Just wanna make sure this thing lasts as long as poss :wink:

Try to avoid to drain it completely.

I think it’s the kind of battery that doesn’t have a memory effect, but I’m far from an expert in this area.

Anyway, you will drain it one day, and have a big fear the little beast won’t wake up anymore.
It will after a full night drinking juice from your wall, though.

Oh, and the meter can act weird, it’s not fully reliable to say if it’s full.
Seems to be OK to say it’s pretty low.

You should be able to play for 10 hours without a charger, in theory.

You can try googling wiki for lith-ion (i think that’s what they are called).
But the word is no memory effect,avoid leaving empty.Store at 80% for maximum life.

Cool. Thanks for the info/advice :slight_smile:

you should drain it in its entirety so the VU meter will read the correct batt lvl. no need to charge when you get it. mine aswell drain completly this is the accepted way of using lithium Ion. they come charged at 60%. when you dont plan on using it for awhile you should have it about 50-60% full. then when dead charge over night.

@masterofstuff124 I advise not to drain it completely, from what I read it seems to be not very good for the battery...

its just what ive heard about lithium in general. im curious how completely draining the Op1 is dangerous. Ive done it many times. usually though i can flip it off and on and get another 45 minutes. the battery life on this thing is stupid.

hello everybody

I have my op1 since few days and I would like to know how I can replace the batteries in few years and how to open the beast

Think I remember reading that TE are looking at trying to offer replacement battery by the time they being dying on the oldest units. Not sure if users will be advised/able to do it themselves though? But I guess if you’re handy with that kind of stuff then it should be possible…

Hey, I read that maybe the update causes battery problems? Is that true? I updated it, used the arp a good bit in December, then didn’t use it for a couple weeks. Now that I’m using it again, the battery seems to drain in just a few hours, and the indicator isn’t accurate.

Is there a thread for this?

@shea: if I remember correctly, the change log for the latest OS (218) said they fixed something about the battery indicator. So it might just be that it wasn’t accurate before but it is now. (or they introduced a new bug and it’s now less acurate ;oP)

If you want to keep an almost accurate battery indicator, never charge your device when it is turned off :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for a seller of the replacement batteries for a while and haven’t found a source yet. I believe they sourced them based on price rather than future availability and now they’re hard for consumers to find. They might be easier for retailers to find, but if it’s not a commonly requested item why would anyone stock it?

My advice would be to charge it fully and only when necessary (with power on).
If you bought your OP-1 brand new, take advantage of the warranty period and send it in for a battery replacement from TE if possible.
Once your battery has lost the ability to hold a charge or work efficiently you’ll probably have to send it in or get used to being tethered to a power supply.

I’ve learned that a fast-blinking indicator usually means about an hour or less remaining.
Also if the battery dies while playing you should leave the power switch ON and then plug in the USB to charge. This way the OP-1 is playable and the battery actually accepts the charge. For whatever reason mine doesn’t always charge if the power switch is OFF.

Something I meant to ask, which had occurred to me (just hypothetically) a few days ago.

Say you turn off USB power in the COM menu. And then the battery subsequently dies…

What happens next? How do you gain access to turn USB power back on, in order to use the device or charge it?

EDIT: I just RTFM’d and realised that this mode is only active when the OP-1 is powered on and over-ridden when the device is off or battery is low. Happy days.


+1 on the leave it on while charging @rudolphrapid @3sleeves

hi guys,
my experience with the battery indicator was/is not so good (fw:218).
they way i get the indicator 2 work again is i charge it with op1 off, and yes “sometimes”(most the time it works on the first try) i’ve 2 plug it in and out a few times to make it start charge.
I let it charge in OFF-state till it’s full, (unplug usb cable) —> turn it on --> use it for 10min, (leave it on) ->plug usb cable in (while in ON state) and let it charge again (recharging the 10min of use).
[checking the indicator with the help-key]

this works best for me, hope it helps someone

in shrt: “op1 OFF charge 2 full -> unplug usb, turn on -> use a bit, plug usb in while op1 ON -> let it charge till full, use help-key to check on battery state”